We are convinced that tvtime is the best TV viewer in Linux available today. Here's why.

Smooth motion

Experience the full framerate of the video signal. Every field is deinterlaced to a unique frame for television quality and beyond.

NYSE ticker
Smooth tickers

Widescreen support

Turn your PC into a full-quality widescreen television to see every pixel of anamorphic content from your hardware DVD player or satellite receiver.

Toshiba DVD set to 16:9
A Toshiba DVD player set to 16:9

Film mode

2-3 pulldown detection and correction for full resolution film, even from television broadcasts or old VHS tapes. Get the most from film content.

Console games never looked better

Ultimate fine-tuning for video game consoles. Experience GT3 on the PS2 in 16:9 mode or tune Mario64 for progressive output. With any system, now you're playing with power!.

Casual viewing modes

tvtime is not just for high quality. Low-CPU deinterlacing modes and window settings are available for keeping the TV on, even while you work.

tvtime in a little window

Overscan settings

tvtime lets you set the amount of picture to push outside the visible frame. No more black borders or annoying closed caption noise in your TV window!

Quality picture

Highest quality picture of any Linux TV viewer. Uses the best deinterlacers from DScaler for the ultimate experience.

Linear interpolation Motion adaptive interpolation
Others tvtime

Slick On-Screen-Display

Gorgeously rendered text composited in realtime on the live video signal.

Text rendered by tvtime

First class support

tvtime's bug tracker is an active part of our development process. We hear your complaints, suggestions, and requests, and get them solved.

A community member

tvtime was helped by many projects, and we try to give back. Our code can now be found in xine, freevo and mythtv. We're committed to helping all Linux media apps achieve high quality standards for video.

Closed captions

Our closed captions are rendered and composited with a high quality font for maximum readability, no ugly black bounding box.

CC rendered text

Station management

tvtime supports all the features you expect: channel names, channel renumbering, and custom channel frequencies. For North American users, we can decode XDS channel information for automatic channel names.

So why wait?

Get tvtime!