As tvtime is currently not being maintained here, the people at linuxtv have started a project to maintain it. There is an irc channel #linuxtv on freenode, and a git repo here.

Related websites

  • DScaler: The premier deinterlacer application for the Windows operating system. tvtime includes many algorithms and ideas from DScaler.
  • deinterlacing: A document on deinterlacing that I am working on.

The competition

If tvtime does not meet your needs in a TV viewer, maybe you should try one of these other TV apps for the Linux operating system:

  • MythTV is a PVR application for Linux.
  • xawtv is a popular TV viewer application for Linux.
  • zapping is a GNOME TV viewer application.
  • kwintv is a KDE TV viewer application.

As well, some of the video players have support for capture card inputs. You may want to check out:

  • xine is a powerful and feature rich media player.
  • mplayer is also a powerful and feature rich media player.